Welcome to RTDS!

The RTDS lab belongs to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering. In addition to our research in computer systems, we are extensively engaged in interdisciplinary research. Computer system research gives us technology strengths, and the interdisciplinary research leverages the strength to improve the world. Some research topics being actively pursued include:

  • Document Content Analysis
  • Engineering Education and Teaching Methods
  • GNSS Spoofing Detection and Mitigation
  • Mathematical Expression Analysis
  • Blockchain Based Supply Chain Management
  • Verifiable Credentials and Distributed Identification
  • Precise Smartphone Positioning and Urban Navigation
  • Binary Analysis and Reverse Engineering

This site offers some insights on our recent activities, helpful tips and resources, as well as related fields.


Congrats to Jason for winning best paper at ACM DocEng 2019 in Berlin with his paper titled “Prediction of Mathematical Expression Declarations based on Spatial, Semantic, and Syntactic Analysis”

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