The RTDS vision in seeking computing solutions is to answer grand challenges that close the gap imposed by the drastic differences between cyberspace and the physical world. Our research is styled with holistic solution approaches. Both originality and practicality are important values to our work. Despite their different constraints  and objectives,  many the  underlying system dynamics of many applications can be represented by one or more stochastic models, signal/image models and statistics. When they are properly captured in mathematical models, and implemented in forms of  computing algorithms and system architectures,  we strive for


Concurrent research on system and application problems creates numerous synergistic interactions, which bring vibrant, exciting research energy in attacking challenging problems. For instance, the need for privacy, decentralized authentication in medical services inspired us to work on the electronic cash based protocols to support anonymous, accountable authentication solutions. In another our recent success story, a divide-and-conquer strategy is used as the high level foundation of different pixel level algorithms to create a universal retinal analysis system. Many more examples can be illustrated.

We embrace a broad range of systems related topics.If you would like to partner with us in our research or if you are seeking to become a student in our lab, please email  liu at or john pecarina at gmail. Thank you.

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